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I was born and raised in Southern California and later earned my BA in art history from Brigham Young University.  After numerous art classes and seasons observed, I now find myself on a farm with my husband, three kids, a hum of bees, and a flock of black footed sheep.  We live in the Snoqualmie Valley of Western Washington.  It is here where moss magically creeps up the trunks of all cottonwood trees and cool mist blankets the ferns below.

I paint to convey that quiet stillness felt in a landscape.  It is this moment of reflection that connects humanity in our universal recognition of all that is good around us.  There is still peace to be felt and beauty to be appreciated.  Each of us can be connected to a time before and a time yet to come as the paint quickens our understanding and captures our deepest longings to belong.  Painting allows me to make sense of the world around me and know my place in it.  Standing still, palette in hand, I breathe in the light, and paint the song we all can hear.